A world leader in advancing medical research and clinical care, specializing in ailments afflicting human communication.

Research under the direction of our physicians is made possible through the collaboration of employees whose services are available to AIVER on a part-time basis, outside consultants, and AIVER’s core staff. AIVER’s staff includes physicians; speech-language pathologists; scientists (Ph.D.); voice trainers (acting and public speaking); singing voice specialists; nurse-research coordinators; and audiologists. Psychological professionals in addition to administrative staff; computer programers; and other allied health professionals collaborate routinely. 

AIVER, in addition to performing research, conducts educational programs, lectures, and seminars for members of the professional community and for the general public.



To contact us:

Phone: 215-735-7487

Fax: 215-790-1192

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




You are invited to join the AIVER Team as we work to better the quality of human life.

Until several years ago, AIVER was funded wholly by private contributions from a small number of individuals. Changes in the economy have made it impossible to continue in this fashion.

AIVER researchers have received major research grants totaling approximately $5,000,000 from private corporations and foundations. However, these funds were all committed to ongoing or now-completed research. Generous private support is needed to permit new research in the coming years.

We invite you to join with us as we continue the work that is still to be done — research in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing, voice, and related disorders. 

AIVER is a not-for-profit (c)(3) corporation; contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. We, and the patients who are in need of advanced knowledge and care, thank you for your generosity.


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